After The Mad March Hare, Comes The April … Elephant?


After The Mad March Hare, Comes The April … Elephant?

After The Mad March Hare, Comes The April … Elephant?


It’s certainly the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about; after one of the busiest months for sales, everything tends to quieten down, the pace relaxes, and numbers (more often than not) go through the floor. Retailers that have been in business for a while expect it, it doesn’t have to ring alarm bells, it’s the natural ebb and flow of sales.

New car sales have had their first peak for the year, numbers will gently slow down, so now’s the time to look elsewhere for your targets.


‘Pre-Loved’ Cars


Pre-owned, second-hand, pre-loved … however you dress it up, we’re talking about used cars. 2017 saw 8.1 million used cars sold, the second-best year on record (2016), but there was a distinct drop in sales for the fourth quarter.

The new car market fell by 5.7% last year, it’s expected to drop around the same again this year, and although the used market looks to be strong, industry experts say that it usually takes a few months for the used market to follow the new, in plain language, it’s predicted that we could be heading for a slump.


Now’s The Time to Reach Out


There’s a good chance that your forecourt is brimming with used cars after the chaos that is March, now is the time to start reaching out and prospecting, the good news is that some of the work has already been done for you – you know which customers aren’t looking for another car!

A targeted campaign through BDM Talk allows you to personalise your message, put a voice to the name and have direct contact without having to employ any more resource to the job.

It’s proven that personalisation can effectively double your conversion rates when it comes to warm leads, your customer will know that you’re talking to them specifically, rather than them and a thousand others.


Professional Sales from a Professional Team


A campaign with BDM Talk gives you may benefits:

  • Live calls – meaning that your customers can ask questions and get answers
  • Added resource without the expense/time of employment & training
  • Your own team – direct contact and actions
  • Industry leading sales conversions & processes


If you’d like to find out just why BDM Talk are industry leaders, how they can help your business grow, or more facts about higher conversion rates, get in touch with one of our professionals, we’re always happy to talk through the options.