How to Benchmark Your Customer Service


How to Benchmark Your Customer Service

In our last article, we spoke of ‘Defector Prevention’. Essentially offering a level of customer service above our rivals, and how that better customer service could potentially see a 60% customer retention rate. But how do we know when we’re getting it right? Or more importantly, getting it wrong?


Customer service is a continual process of improvement. Monitoring should come as second nature, allowing us to continually adapt and improve our offerings. A survey shows us that 58% of car buying consumers favour a balance between service & price. But they won’t compromise on the service element in pursuit of cheaper pricing.


We also know that dealerships with higher levels of customer satisfaction also have higher levels of profitability, revenue and productivity. A clear link exists between excellent customer service and customer trust, which in turn leads to higher levels of repeat business and positive endorsements.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Carrying out a customer survey can be a time-consuming, resource heavy process. Planning and execution are important. Data collation and interpretation are the key factors of any survey. Very few dealerships have spare resource to do this in-house, and that’s before we include the necessary skills.

Outsourcing a customer satisfaction survey is a more cost-effective option. The hired organisation can plan, prepare, contact, sort and deliver the survey in a short space of time (particularly important if it’s after a specific event). But who can you trust to understand the subject matter, customer demographics and processes they have to go through with your product?

BDM Talk

We’re automotive professionals, more to the point, we’re automotive contact professionals. Meaning that our business is purely based around contacting automotive consumers. We know the buying habits, technicalities and processes.


BDM Talk offer a complete in-house Customer Satisfaction Survey service, capable of making the calls the day after your sales event. Feeding the information into your CRM or DMS and thanks to our automotive background, we’re capable of recognising any key areas that need flagging to senior management. This means that any issues that need attention as a matter of urgency, can be dealt with immediately.


Why not try it for yourself! Contact one of our friendly professionals to see just what we can offer you, and how with the right customer service, your customer satisfaction will increase, and take your bottom line with it.

“Tates have been working with BDM for many years now. We have always found them very helpful in areas of bookings, Sales birthday calls and CSI follow up calls. They are able to adapt with us in an ever changing market place. And understand the importance of their role within our business. The team we have working on our behalf are always courteous to our customers and always have Tates’s interests at the forefront of their work.”