The business benefits of outsourcing your call services


The business benefits of outsourcing your call services

From the moment a customer calls your business, they’re making critical judgements. Whether these are good or bad, depends on how well you’re able to handle inbound calls.

Long wait times or worse still unanswered calls, or surly staff, are guaranteed to create damaging impressions. And, when a single call could be the only interaction a person has with your organisation – you can’t afford to get it wrong.

To better manage this crucial area, more businesses are now opting to outsource their call services to Contact Centres. But what does this involve and what benefits does it deliver?

What is outsourcing?

It’s when a business uses an external company to provide any customer contact services they require. From a customer perspective, it’s no different to speaking to somebody internally. With the outsource contact centre providing all of the technology, staffing and management, it removes the need for a business to invest in costly internal infrastructure or staffing. An outsource Contact Centre can deal with any kind of customer or account services that a business requires and training can be provided to deal with any specific needs.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

There are many reason businesses choose to outsource their customer contact service. Here are a few of the main ones that we’ve found:

Reduced Costs

Trying to internally manage call services is expensive. Along with staffing, there’s the considerable cost of purchasing, updating and maintaining a call-centre set-up.


Outsourcing allows a company to test-out a call centre service without facing the considerable risk and financial outlay required to create an internal set-up. It gives a company the flexibility to scale up and down to find the optimum level.

Service Efficiency

With constant variations in the volume and timing of calls, internal teams are liable to be constantly over or under staffed. Outsourcing provides the adaptability and scalability to efficiently meet any variable or seasonal demands.

Expert Knowledge

Using an outsource company provides the knowledge and experience of managers and workers who are specialists in delivering call centre services. Unlike your organisation – customer call services are the entire focus of their business.

24/7 Coverage

Trying to provide 24 hour customer support can be prohibitively expensive when handled internally. The reduced costs provided by outsourcing service, makes ‘any time’ support achievable for companies of all sizes.

Trained Staff

Trying to make sure internal call handlers have the training, knowledge and skills required is a constant struggle. An outsourced service allows a business to benefit from experienced workers who are trained to deliver the best experience to your customers.

Latest Technology

More efficient, adaptable and secure call handling technologies are constantly being released. An outsourced service lets you take advantage of cutting edge tools without the scary costs. So by removing the need to manage calls internally, an organisation is able to keep focused on its core deliverables.

Moving to a fully scalable system and expert support removes one of the barriers that stifles business growth. By ensuring that each and every call to your company is dealt with in a fast, efficient and professional manner, you can maintain customer loyalty and maximise your chances of attracting new ones.

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