A Dealer Group Case Study


A Dealer Group Case Study

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Contact centre working for the auto sector

The Issue:

Our client, a leading and innovative South East based Automotive Dealer Group, realised that the constant demand of customers on their service department meant that the outbound booking service was being diluted and as a consequence important workshop throughput being missed. Because of the important and complex nature of the customer relationship a simple call centre solution was not the answer to this problem.

The Solution:

Placing this important outbound function with a resource that is wholly focused on the task, knowledgeable in respect of the industry and committed to achieving booking goals on a daily basis, while the service department focuses on the inbound and front desk demands, seemed to be the logical solution to the problem.

The Result:

Service bookings are now being made on an outbound basis consistently to a level of eight to ten times the cost base of the service. This is without taking into account the up sell, which is conducted at the point of reception. In addition, the service department now has greater opportunity to ensure that the customer experience is positive and the database of the business has improved considerably as a result of the constant and structured contact with clients.

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