Client Case Study: Lookers


Client Case Study: Lookers


Lookers is an ever growing multi-franchise dealer group which represents 33 premium car manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland. Lookers approached BDM Talk to assist with a one off event they were running. The event was a director’s closed showroom VIP event that allowed attendees a special one off discounted price across all vehicles, with up to £60,000 off some of the vehicles – it is a highly anticipated yearly event.

With the sheer volume of data Lookers wanted to connect with it wasn’t manageable for them to conduct this themselves. With headcount management being restricted and limited time to provide the training required outsourcing was an ideal choice.



Having successfully managed this event on behalf of Lookers in 2016, they were a returning customer this year for the same event. We made a total of 1515 appointments, with a sales conversion of 23%  helping the Lookers group in the selling of over 300 cars – a new record for the business. The volume of calls made were substantial, we had 25 agents focused on this campaign 9am-8pm. All of the agents were specifically trained and understood the proposition eloquently.

In addition to this we sold 141 service bookings on behalf of the group at an estimated £49,000 additional service booking income. The 3 week campaign gave the business instant scalability to manage and grow for a short tactical campaign.


“We have used BDM on many occasions, always with great results, in fact they were a major contributor to our most successful promotion ever. In September 2017 we had a particularly good campaign selling 357 cars off the two campaigns…thank you BDM Talk.“
Lorraine Ali, Business Development
Centre Manager, Mercedes-Benz and Smart