BDM Talk

World Class Business Outsourcing

Our mission: provide quality, reliable and affordable customer contact services tailored around our clients’ requirements.

At BDM Talk, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions to ensure we meet our customers’ requirements. Over the past 16 years, we have built a strong customer offering operating as an extension of our customers business.

We challenge ourselves to anticipate, look forward and take action in ways that empower us to shape the changing world of customer contact.

We adhere to our values:


We are experts in our field so we focus on delivering a first-class service.


We offer an affordable service and ensure we deliver.


We believe in tailoring our contracts around your requirements and adjusting them where required to build a long-term relationships.


We are passionate about our staff. Training and development are core to ensuring that we provide the best possible service in the most productive way possible for your unique business needs.

Where we started:

Business Development & Marketing Ltd (the holding company) was incorporated by our current owner and CEO, Mike Surridge, in 2004. However, the business was trading from 2002.

The BDM group was founded out of change, need and curiosity. Just after the days when the internet was a futuristic tool for geeks, we identified a miss-match between marketing spend and inbound enquiries. 

We saw businesses were spending fortunes in newspapers with double-page spreads, which were clearly not providing the ROI that the web had begun to deliver.  We were able to prove that the internet was providing significant traffic.

As sceptical as we all can be, it was down to us to prove that this was the case, along with an insight into the quality of the call handling skills of our client businesses. We achieved this and shone a light upon the call handling of businesses nationwide.

Such focus inevitably generated a few uncomfortable business owners who wanted to address the issue of call handling and to elevate the standard, the consequence of this was the birth of BDM Talk, initially with just two desks, but rapidly this developed as a consequence of word of mouth, necessity and some good old hard work.

The business has now grown into two strong verticals. BDM Talk our contact centre, and BDM Voice our IT and telecoms business.

“With all the progress and the increase in sophistication that businesses have made over the last decade, it is easy to lose sight of what is at the very heart and soul of the various industries. A factor so important that it is the very foundation that supports the massive investment made in premises, systems, product development and staff training. This awesomely powerful force is simple. Having regular, scheduled and timely customer contact. This is why we launched BDM Talk.”

Mike Surridge CEO

Our Journey



The BDM Group story began in November 2005. The founding business, BDM Voice was launched to supply call recording and call tracking solutions.


Our Contact Centre Launches

With our call recording business flourishing and ably supporting businesses, we expanded into offering customer contact services and launched our first contact centre in Haywards Heath, housing three agents.


New Premises

Our contact centre operation continued to grow in popularity with businesses up and down the country, and following a number of additional long-term contracts, we moved to Burgess Hill to continue the expansion of our growing contact centre.


Car Manufacturer Endorsement

Our continued work supporting with several prominent car dealer groups led us to win our first manufacturer contract to support all their UK outlets.


New Business Verticals

We have the experience and knowledge to provide services to different types of industries, so we start increasing our customer base within various verticals.


CCpro – New Software

After extensive development and testing, our contact centre now has a new integrated programme called CCpro which deals with data handling, agent access, client access and management information. This has been developed in order for us to deliver a more effective service with better reporting and in a more efficient manner.


Brit Awards

The introduction of our monthly staff led Brit (Bringing Recognition In Teams) Awards. Awarded by their colleagues, the purpose of the awards is to recognise those who go above and beyond.



We are very proud to be able to support and invest into our employees. We offer the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed to support their career development.


Kickstart Scheme

We are pleased to be taking part in the Government Kickstart Scheme. The Scheme provides 6-month work opportunities for 16 to 24 years old to gain valuable work experience who are at risk of long-term unemployment.


We start a successful relationship with you…..