Customer contact: The facts that reveal the importance of calls


Customer contact: The facts that reveal the importance of calls

Understanding how and why people seek out information is what has helped to make Google the world’s richest company. So it’s worth taking a look at some of the company’s recent research into customer communications.

In 2013, they commissioned Ipsos to carry out an independent survey to understand consumer attitudes in today’s digital world. The findings make essential reading for any company that’s looking to boost its customer experience.

Here’s a look at some of the main takeaways:

70 percent of mobile searchers use the ‘call’ option

This was the most significant finding and one that blows a hole in much of the conventional thinking on modern day customer preferences. Despite multiple digital options, the overwhelming majority of respondents chose to call a business directly whenever the option was available.

Human interaction and convenience are the two biggest factors

When asked why they preferred to call, the two main reasons given were to ‘quickly accomplish their goal’ (59 percent) and to ‘talk to a real person’ (57 percent). Other reasons included, wanting information that’s not available on a website and seeking reassurance when making a large purchase.

Call options most often used when customers make a purchase

Customers are most likely to use a call option when they’re specifically looking to make a purchase, something 61 percent of respondents had done. This was closely followed by calls made relating to customer research (57 percent).

Greatest call demand for the automotive sector

Demand to communicate via a call was found to be highest for the automotive sector. A click to call option was ‘extremely likely’ to be used by 62 percent of respondents when enquiring about parts/services, and 60 percent for used vehicles.

So while digital communications play a vital role in any effective customer interaction, there’s a danger in losing sight of the importance to customer on the quality of the call. In fact, it seems the power of direct human connections is more powerful than ever in a digital environment.

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