Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

BDM Talk delivers an end-to-end customer satisfaction survey service for your business

Most businesses are now conducting their own Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Here at BDM Talk our dedicated team can support your team, following a sale or service, to identify and fix examples of poor customer service behaviour, appeasing disgruntled customers before they are surveyed by your business.


Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) calls offer a true measurement of what your customers really think of your service. It is important to be able to gauge the quality of service your team is delivering throughout the whole journey.


We can undertake these important calls as and when you need them. We are able to integrate with all major DMS and CRM systems (and some obscure ones).

BDM Talk provides an end-to-end customer satisfaction survey service, making the calls as early as a day after the product or service is purchased and delivered.


Our team can:

  • conduct your CSI survey
  • update your DMS or CRM system
  • pass on important feedback to the management team
  • flag areas of concern enabling you to remedy.