Customer Service is the Key – Talk 360


Customer Service is the Key – Talk 360

In a technology driven world where customers can easily identify/praise/complain to a world of people, your customer service is key to maximising customer benefit, and therefore, loyalty.

69% of consumers say that personalised customer care influences their loyalty, and 67% of consumers list bad customer service as a reason for walking away from a retailer (39% won’t come back for at least two-years).

With so many channels of communication open to businesses, staying on top of them can be time-consuming and replying to a customer message through a social feed 24-hours later is nearly as bad as not contacting them at all, certainly for your bottom line; leads responded to within 5 minutes are 100x more likely to be qualified.

Talk 360

Of course, you could always only offer telephone or email contacts, but consumers expect to be able to interact with their retailers via Facebook, Twitter & Live Chat along with the more traditional forms of communication – most retail searches are done through a mobile browser, leading the customer straight to the site, where at the touch of a button, they can contact you.


They expect a personalised service, regardless of the medium. Can you offer that?


Understanding these digital channels of communication for business, is a world apart from ‘doing a bit of tweeting’, they take skill, time and training to maximise the benefit to your business, and in many cases, dedicated resource to do it correctly.

BDM Talk

Just the same as our call service, Talk 360 uses dedicated automotive professionals to interact with your customers, giving them a personalised experience, whether that’s through social media, live chat, email or even the telephone.


And there’s no need to pick every option, we offer tailored packages to suit you – giving you that personalised experience. Around 60% of businesses (with less than 1,000 employees) use social media to market their product, 62% of those say it’s the most efficient way to win more business for them, but only when done correctly.


To make it work for you, it should be seen as equally important to your other marketing/interaction methods; you employ skilled sales teams, why not skilled customer engagement teams?


Our team can monitor, listen and interact with your customers on a professional basis, showing industry knowledge where needed, and giving them a positive experience, which allows you to get on with your daily business of sales, rather than engagement.


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