Electric Cars


Electric Cars

The Saviour of the Motor Industry?

Despite what you may read in the press, the death of the motor car (or at least fossil-fuelled cars) hasn’t quite arrived just yet, although depending on who you talk to, the death knell may be sounding.

Diesel in particular has been hit hardest – rises in VED, congestion charges and even parking charges have been implemented, making any diesel driver feel like the Devil incarnate, and if your dealership was predominantly diesel sales, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about – diesel sales have plummeted in the last year.

Regardless of your personal view, you’d have to say that the smart money right now, is all on electric and hybrid.


The Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs) market share has grown by 34.8% over the last year, and although the numbers are still insignificant compared to their regular counterparts, just this year alone (to June 2018), the market rose by a further 24.2% – compare that to the 17% fall in sales for diesel, and you’ll see that it’s very much a growth sector.

But what does that mean for a dealership?

Most mainstream manufacturers now have a hybrid or EV in their line-up, it’s highly unlikely that your group doesn’t have some form of AFV sales, but are you making the most of them? Are your team concentrating on those sales, or sticking with the numbers?

BDM Talk

We understand that despite AFVs being a growth area, the numbers they sell currently mean that your dedicated staff are dealing with the volume of traditionally fuelled vehicles, but we also appreciate that you need to try and build up the sales of hybrids and electric vehicles – this is where BDM Talk can help you.

Our dedicated team of automotive professionals can help you to grow the alternative market; we’re able to talk to your customers on a personal level – our operators aren’t ‘just’ call handlers, they have an automotive knowledge, they understand the car market, and more importantly, they know the consumers.


We’re able to use your branding, message and tone to deliver an unrivalled experience in customer satisfaction – 69% of consumers say that personalised care and service influences their loyalty, and 50% of consumers use a service or product more frequently after a positive customer experience – personalisation is the key.


Talk to one of our professionals today to see just what we can do for you, to help bring in sales, book services or deal with any aftersales enquiries.