A fantastic opportunity for a fast start to 2020


A fantastic opportunity for a fast start to 2020

It’s the beginning of a new year, the clocks are reset and it’s time to nail your Q1 objectives and smash your 2020 targets. 

It’s time to strike

An increase in visits to an on-line car retailer in the final week of 2019 suggests that consumers are stepping up their car buying research earlier than usual. So January and February could be the two months when marketing and sales campaigns bring in their greatest rewards. A survey found that more than one in six are now ready to step back into the market. This creates a valuable opportunity for all dealerships to hit the ground running in 2020, with an eager team ready to sell.


If the idea of launching a sales campaign, inviting prospects to your event or contact all your lost customers seems daunting or because your sales teams are busy, then this is the perfect time to look at how BDM Talk, a world class contact centre, can support you to significantly boost your sales.

Let BDM Talk help you start 2020 with a bang

At BDM Talk we have over 10 years’ experience in the automotive sector. Therefore, we are fully embedded within and understand the commercial pressures and priorities of this market vertical.

This experience makes us a natural partner to deliver the challenges of 2020 market place.

We can handle every aspect of the sales pipeline. It could be the sale of old stock, generating interest ahead of registration plate changes or sign ups to dealer event days. You don’t need to have a fully formed idea, you just need to know what your overall objective is. With this, our management team have the knowledge and experience to identify the best approach, which maximises the benefits.

For the after-sale support we can call your customers when their service & MOT is due, thus increase your bookings. We will also pass on future leads and bring your customer records up-to-date – fundamentally growing your income. All of our after-sales customers have seen a significant return on their investment very quickly. One customer had 300% increase in bookings in the first month!

The highest level of Customer Service

Quality of customer engagement is, we believe, paramount to the success of any contact centre. As such, BDM critiques each agent every day to ensure the highest possible level of customer service and experience is maintained.

Agents are ‘assessed’ in two areas:

  1. The ‘Process’ part of the critique is very much around the structure and required elements of the call. The scoring of the critique is based on a Yes/No answer. The agent either did or didn’t do it. Process scoring questions are always agreed with the dealership at the outset.

There are usually two sets of process questions covering inbound and outbound calls. The agents are assessed according to the type of calls they are undertaking and questions should reflect dealership’s Brand requirements.

  1. The ‘Experience’ part of the critique is around the tone of call – subjective scoring. We score this section based on a traffic light system:
  • Red – unacceptable
  • Amber – requires improvement / awareness / training
  • Green – an overall good customer experience

Our agents need to achieve a minimum of 90% daily as a benchmark to provide a high level of customer service.


This Quality Control Process, under the banner of ‘Reveal’, has such a reputation for accuracy and fairness that as well as using this in-house we also provide this service for many of our automotive customers. We would critique a dealership’s staff against set criteria and present our findings and recommendations back to the dealership. There is nothing better than a real life customer experience to drive up quality.


By outsourcing your contact services, you have access to all the sales expertise and technical resources of BDM Talk, without having the costs and risks of managing a campaign internally.


So while your competitors may be happy to start the year slowly, this New Year window provides a great opportunity to make sure your dealership stays one step ahead in 2020.

How to start with a bang

Let’s discuss your requirements by contacting us today.


Following our discussion, provide us with your customer and prospect data and leave the rest to us. Alternatively, let us source new data for you.