Getting Proactive with Your Aftersales


Getting Proactive with Your Aftersales

Industry statistics tell us that one or two dealers may be missing a trick, which could be costing them as much as 60% of their repeat business or customer retention, the American’s have a term for this … ‘Defector Prevention’.


Despite sounding as though it should be something relating to an international border crossing, defector prevention is all about giving your customers the right level of service to make them loyal to you, to stop them wanting to go elsewhere, and essentially it boils down to just three things; quality service, competitive pricing and up-to-date customer information.


A simple reminder for an MOT or service could be the difference between customer retention or not. Dealers can address this by ensuring customer records are up-to-date, with accurate MOT and service ‘due dates’ and correct contact details.  A recent research revealed that 60% of automotive customers are more likely to book their service or MOT with a dealership that reminded them. Further analysis indicated that between 7% and 34% of customers are missing an MOT ‘due date’.

More Opportunities

Getting customers back through the aftersales doors gives you a chance to upsell services, proactively chase amber work and lapsed customers to name a few, but if you’re a busy dealership, there could be two things holding you back:


The fact that you’re busy so don’t feel the need to bring in ‘extra’ work, and … you’re busy so don’t have the resource to follow up with customers directly.


Some dealers employ a service receptionist or two, their job is to handle inbound calls and take bookings, leaving very little time for proactively calling the customers.


Why not outsource your outbound calls? By outsourcing you will increase the level of bookings, thus grow your dealership, without paying for additional premises, telephony, IT hardware or headcount.

Customer Satisfaction

Following a sale or service, customer satisfaction survey calls offer a true measurement of what your customers really think of you.


The current climate of uncertainty has been affecting dealerships and consumers for several months now. Profits are small and targets high. The importance of sales and doing business is on the mind of every sales person, putting follow up calls on a back burner.  


However, satisfaction surveys are important to identify and fix examples of poor customer service behaviour and appeasing disgruntled customers. If a complaint is turned around, the customer is more likely to come back knowing that you truly care.

Digital vs Direct Customer Contact

According to Think with Google research nearly 25% of all automotive searches are parts, services, and maintenance related and more than half of them come from mobile. A dealership with a Google call extension advert drove a 16% increase in phone calls to its service centre and a 4% increase in clicks to its website.


While digital plays a vital role in customer interaction nowadays, there’s a danger in losing sight of the importance of a direct contact. A proactive direct human connections, in combination with digital, can be very powerful and can lead to higher conversions for your bookings.


And this is a major reason why many are outsourcing their customer after sales service to providers such as BDM Talk. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience in providing dedicated teams capable of dealing quickly and professionally with any kind of customer service demands.


Have you considered outsourcing your aftersales or customer satisfaction survey calls?

What BDM Talk can do for your dealership?

BDM Talk can supply a team of automotive professionals that know your industry, your customers and processes or protocols regarding professional call handling on your behalf as we have worked with many dealerships over the years. We can act as a direct extension to your own team, delivering your message exactly as it was intended, and as far as your customers are concerned, the personal approach has come directly from you.


By proactively speaking to your customers we can increase your bookings, pass on future leads and bring your customer records up-to-date – fundamentally growing your income. All of our after sales clients have seen a significant return on their investment very quickly. One client had 300% increase in bookings in the first month!


Consumers say that a personalised customer service experience positively influences their loyalty. Retaining existing customers has been proven to be 60-70% less costly than acquiring new ones, and one final statistic – with just a 5% increase in customer retention, your dealership could generate up to a 95% increase in profitability.


So whilst you may be ‘too busy’ or under-resourced to give a thorough and personalised follow up to your customers, BDM Talk is here to help you do just that. We have the ability to speak to thousands of customers each day.

What our clients say...

“Tates have been working with BDM for many years now. We have always found them very helpful in areas of bookings, Sales birthday calls and CSI follow up calls. They are able to adapt with us in an ever changing market place, and understand the importance of their role within our business. The team we have working on our behalf are always courteous to our customers and always have Tates’s interests at the forefront of their work.”