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How Outsourcing Customer Contact Can Drive Profit

Businesses can often be missing a trick by not outsourcing customer service. Calls to businesses exceeded 169 billion in the year 2020. These calls are more likely to generate a successful sale or follow up activity rather than digital submissions, meaning customer contact centres are by far the most powerful channel for generating revenue.  

According to a study conducted by Google, ‘The Role of Click to Call In the Path to Purchase’, 61% of consumers will phone a company when they’re in the early stages of the buying cycle. Consumers prefer to call instead of utilising digital channels as they are looking to get a quick answer (59%) or talk to a real person (57%). This study found that consumers are more likely to call a business when making a high-value purchase in verticals such as automotive, finance or travel.  

There is a commercial incentive for having an outsourced contact centre for a variety of reasons. However, nailing the customer contact experience isn’t ‘just as simple as having a customer contact team’, businesses need to ensure they are putting their first point of contact in experienced hands. Exceeding customer expectations with the correct customer service processes and procedures are usually the results of a carefully crafted system that drives continuous improvements based on client and customer feedback.   

Before we explore the advantages of outsourcing your customer contact, I think it is important to briefly discuss the different types of outsourced customer support:  

Inbound Call Centres: An inbound call centre is where a team of experts will handle your customer’s inbound queries. This can be done through numerous mediums; via phone, social media, WhatsApp and LiveChat.  

Outbound Contact Centre: Unlike an inbound call centre, outbound contact services involve outward contact from calling existing or potential customers. From telesales to data capture, an outbound contact centre company could become an excellent extension of your business.  

Overflow Call Handling: This is ideal for businesses that experience fluctuations in demand. An overflow customer service team can take care of sharp rises in call traffic during unexpectedly busy periods or pre-planned peak seasons.   

Telemarketing Services: Telemarketing services are ideal for both B2C and B2B, businesses who want to outsource certain aspects of demand generation. An outsourced contact centre could be: increasing brand awareness, conducting research and most importantly drive upselling.

 Looking for ways to increase the average transaction value or the amount a customer is willing to spend in a transaction is one way of adding to the company’s revenue. And upselling is a great technique used to persuade a customer into availing a more expensive version of an item from the intended purchase, it is simple and effective to increase the average transaction. However, it doesn’t simply end there as upselling also lays out essential product options that customers might never be aware of.  

These are only a few services that are available when looking to outsource your customer contact centre, but what we see as the most important touchpoints for any business.  

  • Now we have established the importance and variety of customer contact options, I think it is important to touch on a point made earlier. Outsourcing your customer contact isn’t just an expense it can be an excellent tool (if used correctly) for generating income through upselling. Why is upselling so important to your business you say?  
  • It can greatly increase revenue, by upselling you can make a sale more profitable by inducing a customer to avail a product or service with a higher value. 
  • It can cut costs by maximising traffic that is already available, removing the extra effort to acquire new customers 
  • Upselling is easier when compared to the initial sale where an agent still needs to convince a customer to make a purchase. The willingness to purchase means a customer may also be open to the idea of upgrading a product or service. 
  • Upselling can increase overall customer satisfaction, by helping them to know that more appropriate products or services may be available. Customer perception towards a company will become more positive if customers feel their needs are being understood. 

At BDM Talk we work with global automotive brands, to great success. We provide a complete service, handling all inbound and outbound calls for our clients drawing on years of experience in the automotive industry. This, however, is not all we do! Knowing the industry inside and out, we are well placed to drive up-selling opportunities. BDM Talk is the front line for customer contact for a range of businesses, by taking the time to create a service and a sales-driven caller experience, you will find that we are an efficient and effective way to drive your businesses revenue, not just an added expense.   

I’m sure many of you reading this were already aware of the key benefits that outsourcing customer contact can bring: cost-effective, improved efficiency and productivity, increased customer satisfaction, access to expert knowledge and allows time to focus on the core responsibilities of your business.  

But I think the most important aspect outsourcing can bring is the ability to upsell. This is the key to turning what can be perceived as an expense into a way to drive profit for your business and greatly increase customer satisfaction.  

BDM Talk is the trusted voice in customer contact. We regularly monitor and evaluate all forms of new customer contact technologies and practice. Ensuring we provide the best service for all of our clients, enabling your business to stay ahead of the competition.   

Want to know more about outsourcing your customer contact?  Get in touch today on 0330 159 2626.




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