How the human touch can boost your business sales


How the human touch can boost your business sales

As more of business communications become digital, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to speak to an actual human being.

This is despite Ipsos research showing that 70 percent of smartphone users still choose the click to call option for any purchase they regard as important.

And while the opportunities for personal contact shrink, the potential power of these interactions is increasing. This is why outbound calls remain a crucial part of any successful marketing campaign.

Calls are particularly effective when used to prospect for new customers and generate fresh leads. It’s a potential that many companies are missing out on.

Smarter Communications

Until recently, trying to handle Customer Contact internally was prohibitively costly for all but the largest of businesses. Another barrier is caused by the fear that sales teams tend to have when it comes to prospecting calls.


More companies are now choosing to outsource this task – allowing them to unlock the sales expertise and resources that’s needed to deliver real business benefits.


It’s something that BDM Talk has been doing for the past decade, providing outstanding and successful outbound contact services for leading companies in a range of different industries and sectors.


What sets BDM Talk apart is the quality of sales support provided by expert teams of UK-based call-centre operatives, fully trained and constantly monitored to ensure they’re maintaining best standards.

Customised Services

This expertise is combined with the range of services that BDM Talk can offer, allowing us to find a solution that meets the specific needs of each client. These services include:

  • Pre-campaign planning – knowledge and experience of our management team
  • Campaign script creation – tailored to your exact requirements
  • Dedicated sales teams – ensuring knowledge, quality and consistency
  • Delivering results – customer appointments, leads and commitments
  • Complimentary SMS campaign – boosts conversions with pre-call ‘warm up’

You can keep track of how a campaign is progressing via an online portal which provides real-time feedback on progress. And with all calls monitored and recorded, you can hear samples of your call communications.

So it’s an effective way to unlock the simple power of human interactions that many companies are failing to harness as business communications become increasingly digital. Outsourcing delivers the benefits without the costs of investing in an internal set-up.


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