BDM Talk

BDM Talk offers tailored inbound customer contact solutions which can be scaled to suit your business requirements

Judging the level of demand your business has to cope with inbound calls is always difficult. Depending on the line of business you are in, that demand can vary greatly, even on a day-to-day basis.

BDM Talk can offer your business reliable inbound call handling, we provide a team of experts to handle your customer’s inbound enquiries. Our flexible customer contact service provides you with the ability to scale up your operation when required. This can be done through omnichannel routing, including telephony and digital channels.

Outsourcing your inbound call requirements to BDM Talk enables your business to keep your fixed costs as low as possible, yet still provide the capacity and the level of customer service quality you require. This then enables you to focus on the core functions, leading to better productivity and increased revenue.

We offer a variety of Inbound Customer Contact Solutions 

General Enquiries

Your business is experiencing increased call volumes or outgrowing your current customer service team. BDM Talk can provide fully trained agents to manage your calls.

Income Generation

Our agents can act as your first line support to book tickets, events, registrations, sales and service bookings. They are also trained to handle specific customer queries where required.

Direct response campaigns

BDM Talk can support your current sales and marketing campaigns. Our agents can answer your customer queries or responses quickly and efficiently. We can report fully and share the findings ensuring a good return on your campaigns.

Live Chat Management

BDM Talk ensures that every inbound live chat enquiry is handled in a professional, courteous and prompt manner. Our chat agents actively monitor and respond to your customers’ enquiries as they come in. Furthermore, they liaise directly with your sales and service teams to notify them of hot qualified prospects, take bookings and handle any queries.

Find out how we can tailor your inbound customer contact service to your business requirements.