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Inbound Call Centre Services

Call centre services for all your inbound requirements

Judging the level of demand your staff will have to cope with from inbound calls is always difficult. Depending on the line of business you’re in, that demand can vary greatly, even on a day to day basis. How do you square the circle of keeping your fixed costs as low as possible yet still provide the capacity needed to ensure rapid answering and the level of quality you’re known for in customer services and inbound sales? BDM Talk’s inbound call centre services is the answer.


Every missed call is a threat. It could be a sale that is not made. It could be an angry customer who just needs two or three minutes spending with them but because you don’t answer the phone, they share their bad experience online.


But at the same time, having too many people answering the phone is a threat as well. If you’re employing five people to answer the phone when, 90% of the time, you only need three, you’re spending £30,000-£40,000 a year you don’t need to spend. No business ever got big by spending money it didn’t need to.


BDM Talk’s inbound telephone and call centre services provide the answer you’re looking for. Streamline your internal team to what you need to cope at most times and use BDM Talk as your overflow system.


If your line is busy, we’ll pick up the call and:

  • Take down the order details you need us to carefully and in full to pass along to your fulfilment team, and
  • When there is a complaint, really listen to your customer, offering empathy and understanding. We’ll then write up a full report on the situation and express deliver it by email to you for your team to handle

Each member of our inbound team has joined us after years of experience working for small companies and household name brands. They instinctively know how to handle a customer and the approach to take to deliver your company the best result from every call.


To find out more, speak to our inbound call centre manager on 0330 159 2626.