(Another) Successful Lost Sales Campaign


(Another) Successful Lost Sales Campaign

Contact centre working for the automotive sector

We’ve been undertaking contact centre work for dealerships up and down the country for many years now. We’ve found that we’ve been able to deliver significant results through lost sales campaigns.

A Successful Lost Sales Campaign

We take your undealt data and call your prospects from a customer service perspective. We ask them specific questions (provided by yourself – although we can help with that) and we extract an unbiased view as to why they did not purchase.

We’ll then attempt to re-appoint them back into your dealership if they are still in the market, so you have a chance to right the wrongs from their first visit.


We report back in full highlighting the areas that have caused you to lose sales and in addition, give you a second chance to make a sale.


Below you’ll find an infographic detailing the facts and figures and more importantly – the results, from one of our lost sales campaigns that we completed for a Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Automotive Lost Sales

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