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Lost Sales

Win back lost customers and lost sales

Leverage previous customers’ attachment to your company

Why do many of your customers go off and do business with someone else?

Most probably it has nothing to do with the quality of your products, service and customer care. It’s just that another company got there first.

Buying cycle

Every person and every company has a buying cycle. There is certainly a brief window of time when your customer is ready to buy what you are selling. Therefore, the buying cycle is different for every product or service. Likelihood is that they received a phone call, email or letter from one of your competitors when they were at the correct point of the buying cycle.


In addition, keeping in touch with customers is time consuming and requires a lot of effort. As is keeping in touch with people and companies who did not buy from you at the time you went out to see them.


There are a lot of sales that can be made in the next few weeks from the customers and enquirers whose details you hold on file.

BDM Talk is an experienced and successful supplier of customer winback campaigns to companies in multiple different sectors, office suppliers, professional services and more.

How BDM Talk works

We call your customers using an impartial, unbiased, survey-driven approach to identify why they have not bought from you recently. As a result, we find out the reason, if they are in the right part of the buying cycle now and, if not, when they will be. Finally, we can make an appointment to see them if there is an opportunity to win them back now.

Each record you provide us with, our experienced and persuasive agents, will make notes on their current state of mind. As well as feedback on your company, good and bad. We select the agents with the skillset most likely to produce the required results across the campaign. It’s only those agents who will be working for you (after they have been through comprehensive training).


To win back old clients, talk to our lapsed client outreach manager on 0330 159 2626.

BDM Talk’s win back service provides the following benefits as standard: