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Member Satisfaction Surveys for Gym & Health Clubs

Member Satisfaction Surveys

An end-to-end member satisfaction survey service for your Club

Most Clubs are now conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Here at BDM Talk, our dedicated team can support your team to survey your members that have left, for example. The calls can be made as early as a day after they left – we can find out where they moved to and pass on examples of poor Club’s performance, enabling you to remedy any shortfalls.


Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) calls also offer a true measurement of what your current members really think of your Club. It is important to be able to gauge the quality of service your team is delivering.


We can undertake these important calls as and when you need them. We are able to integrate with all major DMS and CRM systems (and some obscure ones).

Our team can:

  • conduct your CSI survey tailored to your requirements to maximise effectiveness
  • update your DMS or CRM system
  • pass on important feedback to the management team
  • flag areas of concern enabling you to remedy.

Our agents have years of experience conducting CSI calls. If survey results lead to improving weak areas, a follow-up survey can be used to measure whether changes worked. We can help a Club analyse the information and compare it to an earlier feedback. It is also valuable to let your members know you’re endeavouring to make improvements and to thank them for their help, which will increase their loyalty. It can also reveal data that can be used to gauge estimated members’ satisfaction rates of your competitors.

If you have a need, BDM Talk can help.

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