BDM Talk


Multilingual Call Centre Services

Discovering new business opportunities outside of the UK with BDM Talk

BDM Talk offers a full range of multilingual telemarketing services. Working with the very best native language speakers we can offer you agents that cover almost every language.


Consequently, this enables our clients to explore new territories.


Our methodology for our foreign language campaigns is certainly as thorough as it is for English speaking projects. All of our calls are voice recorded, allowing us to constantly improve and regularly make recommendations to our clients. 


BDM Talk has unrivalled experience in multilingual call centre services. Because we have been working with some of the best brands in almost every sector and producing results that other contact centres simply cannot match.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Businesses who utilise BDM Talk’s multilingual call centre service know that by offering support, whether that is on the phone, over email or via live chat, in a language native to the client can go a long way. Building loyalty and helping the business gain a competitive advantage.


Above all, a business can avoid the need to set up multiple customer service centres in various countries. This will reduce costs, save time on training and provide a more consistent and unified customer experience.


Why not find out more about BDM Talk’s multilingual call centre services today and see how we can help your brand become even more competitive.