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Prospect Acquisition

GDPR compliant B2B and B2C data

Acquire your data from an established DMA member and a trusted data company

Bad data wastes telemarketers’ time and leads to mass email bounce-backs and blacklisting by servers. That £10 or £20 per thousand you might have saved by using a “cheap” data provider will cost you more in lost sales and a damaged online reputation.


We know – we’ve helped companies pick up the pieces before as they transfer their business to us, a quality supplier.


There are two main factors you need to consider when choosing a company to purchase data from.


Provenance is how your data is sourced, validated and structured. As a long-standing DMA member, we’re bound by their terms and conditions to provide data whose provenance is sound and where the opt-in credentials of every single record can be traced. The thoroughness and accuracy of each field must sit comfortably within stringent quality thresholds prescribed by the DMA.


Relevance is the likely interest of each recipient in your products or services.

Working with you...

Your BDM Talk’s account manager will help you select the lines of business and the profile of the companies in each sector most likely to buy what you’re selling.


If you’re targeting consumers, we apply a different but equally proven model for recipient selection.


Our databases of commercial and consumer prospects are fully DMA and GDPR compliant. The data is tailored specifically to your campaign. This ensures we are in the best possible starting place to gain the best results. We only source data for the calls we will be completing for you whether that be brand awareness, research/market intelligence, lead generation, appointment setting or sales.


Due to legislation we will only pass to you qualified data resulting from the outcomes of the campaign.


Call us now to build the perfect prospect database profile for your company.

Variables and criteria can include the following:

For business to business:

For business to consumer: