Sales People | The Product Specialists


Sales People | The Product Specialists

There was a time that a ‘car salesman’ (no gender discrimination here – just a descriptive term) was as close to being a Banker or Estate Agent as you’re ever likely to get; whilst you wouldn’t openly call out their methods or tactics, you’d certainly keep your eye on them while looking to buy a car.


Thankfully, the stereotype of the car salesman with sheepskin jacket, fingers bedecked with rings and an ill-fitting shirt & tie combo are long gone. As are some of the practices that were used.

Modern Day

With up to 80% of all consumers researching a business online before visiting or making a purchase, the ability to demonstrate product knowledge and professionalism has never been more pertinent. Sales teams can no longer rely on word of mouth trading or passing footfall – you need to demonstrate that you’re number one.


We also waved goodbye to any old Tom, Dick or Harry walking in off the street and setting themselves up as car salesmen – sales teams today are professional, slick and know their business. (a little like BDM Talk)


And with good reason – with the available technology today, anyone can research a product and specification, making them an ‘expert’ that has enough knowledge to ask questions about their future purchase, and a decent sales person needs to be able to answer any questions with authority.

BDM Talk

This is also the reason why BDM Talk only use professionals, with industry knowledge – any questions that your customers may have can’t be answered with an umm or an ahh or a “don’t know”. We replicate your knowledge and understanding of the product, we know that when your customer asks a question, there’s a likelihood that they’ll already know the answer.


You’ve spent time and money on training or employing the best sales teams, now you need to extend that same level of professionalism to your call handling, only without the expense of the training, you need BDM Talk.


Of course you have your own call handling team, but when you need to scale that up, to push a sales campaign for example, our professionals can act as a direct extension of your own team, offering industry knowledge and experience, in a bid to win you that custom, book that service or upgrade that package.


To find out more about our industry leading service, contact one of our professionals – let them show you why we’re the best.