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Lead Generation Through Telemarketing

Work with one of the UK’s most successful telemarketing lead generation companies to generate strong new enquiries and qualified appointments

The benefits of using a B2B telemarketing lead generation company are greater than the number of qualified leads they deliver to you during the course of the campaign they do for you. The advantages to your company are much bigger than that.


Sometimes, your board, your sales managers, your reps, and your telesales team are too close to the business. It takes a professional, fully-trained, DMA-registered telemarketing lead generation company to see the true value in your proposition.


When we start work for you, we’re only interested in conveying to potential new customers the information that will be of real interest to a decision maker (DM). It’s getting harder and harder to contact DMs by phone so when we get through to one, we don’t want to waste any of their time or your money sharing information that they won’t be interested in.


That leads us to deliver a benefit-packed, highly-structured yet natural sounding call to every potential client. Our highly experienced and motivated telesales operators will handle objections, demonstrate benefits, and tie down the decision maker to a specific date and time for a meeting.


Whether your audience in B2B lead generation through telemarketing or B2C lead generation through telemarketing, BDM Talk delivers qualified and confirmed DM appointments to your sales team in real time. At the end of the campaign, we’re happy to share with you everything we’ve used to achieve the results we have for you – including our insights, scripts, objection handles, and more.



    • Thorough and comprehensive training for the dedicated staff working on your campaign prior to launch
    • We will cleanse your data as we work on your campaign (including for GDPR compliance)
    • All calls are recorded – access calls at any time you like
    • Live portal showing you campaign progress in real time
    • Comprehensive, transparent report at the end of the campaign