Call Data Analysis & Reporting

We listen and evaluate your calls to improve your sales and customer service delivery

Despite the staggering volumes of inbound and outbound calls taking place every minute of the working day, many companies continue to overlook the opportunity to actively monitor and measure the standard of their call handling. That’s where our ‘Reveal’ service comes in.

Our team of highly-trained call analysts take a selection of your calls and provide you with an unbiased and impartial evaluation of your inbound and outbound sales calls against your criteria, which can often be difficult to achieve from within the business due to pre-existing working relationships.


To help you understand the performance of your call handling staff as a team and on an individual basis, we present you with detailed, statistical and graphical reports illustrating performance at both staff and department level. We’ll even include sample recordings to help evidence the apparent issues and findings of the report.


All analysed calls are taken from your genuine recorded calls, there are no ‘staged’ mystery shopping type calls. Only calls analysed in the live environment can truly identify both the problems and the opportunities. Understanding how your staff deal with the array of unpredictable customer queries and behaviours is paramount to your ability to train and develop your staff and ensure every call stands the best chance of being converted.