The Importance of Service Income


The Importance of Service Income

It would seem that the UK automotive industry is … stagnant; we aren’t in a slump as such, but the market is pretty flat, and sales prospects aren’t beating a path to the door.


Blame Brexit, a weak pound, political uncertainty (or pick from a list that’s as long as your arm), but the why’s don’t really matter, it’s the how’s that are important (as in “How are we going to get through it?”).


We’ve discussed before as to how your position in the market affects you, but one thing that all brands have in common is Aftersales.

Your Service Department

We all know that your service or aftersales department is an excellent way to generate revenue; your techs go through each car as if they were looking to buy it personally, you more than likely have a ‘wear parts’ catalogue allowing for further reductions in pricing, and the workshop runs on timing calculated to the minute.


The system is running at maximum efficiency.




Some of the smaller (but still main) dealers, employ a service receptionist or two at the max, their job is to field inbound calls and take bookings, leaving very little time for proactively finding customers.

Your #1 Asset

It’s true that your resource or employees could be considered as your #1 asset, there is an element of sense in that, but the reality is that your customer database should be top spot.


Averagely, warm leads have a conversion rate of 14.6%.


Making the resource available to follow-up with warm leads is difficult – concentrate on inbound calls where people are contacting you specifically for business, or chance a 14.6% rate of conversion in upselling your services & products?


You’d have to pick inbound every time.

Better Yet

Of course, the ideal scenario is having the resource to do both, and in some sort of Utopian vision, having that extra resource without the headache of employment, training, on-boarding … that has to be the ultimate in business goals.


That’s why BDM Talk exist.

We’re here to enable just that – extending your professional team without having to go through the whole on-boarding thing, or even actually go through the process of interviewing, shortlisting, employing, training … we can provide an overnight solution.


The old adage of ‘Work smarter, not harder’ applies here. We can look after your outbound calls, get service bookings lined up, work with MOT reminders, and answer questions that your customers may have. We are automotive professionals, we understand the market, the consumers and the processes and have the capacity to contact tens of thousands of customers on your database.


Make your database, work for you.