The New WLTP Emissions


The New WLTP Emissions

What does this mean for you?

September 1st 2018 – the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) will be upon us, meaning greater transparency for the car buying consumer, which in turn could help to build trust in the automotive industry. That’s all great news for dealerships and groups alike.


Except … if you’re sitting on a stock of cars, what’s going to happen to the vehicles that don’t technically comply with the WLTP regs, and that haven’t been sold in the run up to the deadline? The manufacturers aren’t going to be buying them back, so that leaves you with just two options; try and sell before the deadline, or pre-register them and sell them at a vastly discounted rate.

Sales Incentive

Knowing that there’s all likelihood that you’ll need to heavily discount the stock, you are at least in the position to advertise some great deals, getting a few more customers through the doors for the big push, but is that enough?

It’s not like your sales team have just been treading water waiting for customers to knock on the metaphorical door is it? Phone bashing is great, but you’ve got limited numbers of staff that can do that successfully, and there’s only so many hours in the day … scaling up isn’t possible without help, but just where can you turn to for that kind of help?

BDM Talk

Here at BDM Talk, we’re more than an automotive contact centre, all of our team are dedicated automotive professionals, we spend our days doing what you need us to do – hitting the phones, but with professionalism and respect, mixed with a little dealership knowledge and consumer understanding.


We can handle thousands of calls each day, with no loss of branding, message or professionalism, and that can be inbound or outbound; let your team handle the outgoing sales calls while we give your customers the kind of experience they want when they ring to book appointments for aftersales and servicing.


We know that this time of year is purely about numbers, as is our business – the higher the volume, the higher the strike rate, and with a personalised service, that rate increases at least 3-fold – the probability of selling to an existing customer with a personalised message is between 60 – 70%.


We can help with lead generation, branding, personalisation and customer retention – a 5% boost in customer retention could generate an increase in profitability of as much as 95%.


Want to find out more? Contact one of professional team today to discuss your requirements.

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