The Used Car Market | Strength In Numbers


The Used Car Market | Strength In Numbers

Reading the press, you’d think that the traditional automotive market had heard the death knell, the only thing left is to prepare the remnants for burial, and look forward to an all-electric future.


Except … the used car market is in a strong position right now, sales dropped by just 1.1% over the previous year, and considering the uncertainty regarding Brexit, fossil-fuels and diesel, that could be considered a win.


Admittedly, new sales of hybrids and electric vehicles are on the increase, but that’s thanks to all the incentives on offer, the new diesel market fell through the floor (thanks to increasingly harsh penalties for diesel owners), but the used car market is buoyant.

March Sales

New car sales recorded a large decline in sales for March this year (17.5%), against March ’17, but that number only tells a part of the story – March 2017 happened to be a great year for new sales, as people were trying to beat the tax man.


Now is the time to sit back, take stock, breathe in and go back at it, only aiming at the second-hand market instead. Depending on your brand, you’ll see cars in different ways; a new car is a luxury, a new-ish car is something to be desired, a car is a necessity.


Are people looking to spend money on luxury goods right now? Not so much.

Are people needing transport? Absolutely.

Used cars are the new... new

Of course we aren’t about to tell you that your business model is wrong, in this day and age, we need to look at what works for us. However, we would say that a number of dealers are missing a trick thanks to their brand-values; second-hand is the way forward right now.

If you’re one of those dealers that’s considering a foray into the used car market, then you need expert help to make it viable, someone that’s been working with, and advising to dealers for over ten years, you need BDM Talk.


We often hear the term outsourcing, and while strictly speaking, it’s the correct term, BDM Talk aren’t so much of an outsource resource, think of us as an extension to your own team.

All of our team are trained automotive professionals, we’re able to deliver your message exactly as you’d want to, because we understand that message – we know the difference between a wheel-bearing and a hubcap (is there still such a thing?).

Let us take the strain out of managing your customers, potential sales or enquiries – that’s what we do, professionally, leaving you to get on with what you do.


If you’d like to find out more details about exactly how BDM Talk could help your business, contact one of our friendly professionals today – you’ll be glad you did.