Tips on improving productivity at your call centre


Tips on improving productivity at your call centre

Want to foster motivated and engaged agents, build excellent team morale and ensure a rise in overall productivity? Here are 6 tips that could make all the difference


E-learning on the job


Most market sectors are competitive and thus companies have to modify their service provision in relation to shifting customer needs. As a result continued staff training and development is crucial.


During the contact centre work-day there can be periods of low call volume. At this time, why not let your staff upskill online? It is a clever way to keep staff motivated, and because it is self-paced, can be undertaken during time that otherwise would be unproductive. Providing such options, also shows staff that you care about their career development and gives them the chance to develop skills and resources that will be transferable.


It is important to note, that the more comprehensive the learning programme is, the more it can result in improved call centre productivity. A really thorough and continuous online training option can lead to reductions in call duration, an increase in the overall number of processed contacts and improvements in first call resolution.


Engaged and responsive managers


Being available to customer reps., knowing them by name, embodying the attitude and values of the company in daily interactions- all these managerial attributes help build team morale, and boost productivity. One simple way to put this into practice, is to make sure senior staff help out with any peaks or surges in call volumes. This shows attunement and respect for the demands of the job.


Another way is to encourage managers to be interactive with quality monitoring tools: this means listening in frequently and giving positive feedback where it is merited, as well as constructive and supportive criticism.


The reality is that fostering team spirit is a vital factor for staff retention and the long-term productivity of a call centre. And only responsive and engaged managers can do that.


Share Best Practice and welcome feedback


On a monthly basis identify some excellent calls, then hold a group session to allow everyone to listen to them. At the start of the evaluation, get customer service agents to agree criteria for best practice and then ask them to assess the call themselves, in small groups. Finish with some central feedback about what worked and what didn’t. This will reinforce the good behaviour in individuals and encourage others to demonstrate a similar level of performance.


Also allow employees to feedback their own experience of what parts of a call script work or don’t, what improvisations have been useful, and how they feel the overall operation of the call centre could be improved. Eliciting staff involvement like this, builds respect between managers and employees and creates a collaborative attitude to problem solving. Overall, it can help create a workforce of confident and satisfied agents who feel good about their work successes and consciously strive to perform even better.


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