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Why Buying British is Important to the Economy

In a recent national newspaper poll, conducted on the 2nd December, with the subject of “Should the UK focus on buying British goods to kickstart the economy”, the results made interesting reading.

Of the 8,896 people polled, the majority, 97% (8,751) responded ‘yes’ to the question “Should we focus on buying British goods to kickstart the economy in 2021?”. This newspaper poll was publicly recognised by the UK Prime Minister.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies published an article “UK economic outlook; the long road to recovery” in which it looks at the near-term outlook for economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
So, we all know and agree that 2020 has been an unprecedented year, with the impact of the pandemic on the UK and world economy still uncertain. Aligned to this is the ongoing Brexit trade talks, adding another level of uncertainty.

But the aspect with a consensus of public opinion and consciousness, as the newspaper poll proves, is the UK agrees that to support and kickstart the UK economy is to buy products and services from British companies in 2021 and beyond.

For example, in a highly competitive market, such as the contact centre sector. Where companies outsource inbound and outbound telephone services to call centres in Europe and other worldwide locations, due to perceived set-up and management cost savings.

Why would you now not consider a UK based contact centre? In addition to the positive impact on the UK economy, the benefits to British businesses are many in these new ‘normal’ times.

With remote home working, the boom and reliance for online e-commerce, aligned to restrictions and social distancing measures in retail and other consumer premises. Customer telephone contact for service and support is now even more important and a requirement for all successful and customer focused businesses.

A common scenario could see a company’s customer inbound telephone traffic increase significantly. Potentially with a workforce working remotely, furloughed or self-isolating. Denoting customer service levels and response times diminishing, during these challenging times.
Hence, outsourcing inbound and outbound telephone calls to a trusted and proven customer contact centre is a logical and common choice for many businesses. They represent your company brand values expertly and increase your capacity and responsiveness instantly for every telephone call.

So, if this scenario is common-place and then the benefits of outsourcing are proven. Why would you even consider a call centre that is not UK based?
UK call centres directly benefit the UK economy and don’t present any of the common challenges faced by overseas call centre operations. These common challenges would include managing a contact centre strategy and operation across time zones, with language barriers and technology quality issues. These consistent and recurring barriers face any business that outsources outside of the UK, whilst also not positively supporting the UK economy.

Across the UK there are a number of high-quality customer contact centres. All of which address and simply overcome these common barriers faced by non-UK call centre operations. BDM Talk is one of the leaders in this competitive marketplace. Investing in people and technology has been the foundation of their success since 2002.

BDM Talk has a rapidly growing customer contact centre based in Burgess Hill. Providing both inbound and outbound customer contact support services for a broad range of delighted clients. From a leading German car manufacturer to a large number of automotive retail groups.

With their proven expertise and customer vision, BDM Talk is a proud British business that is supporting the UK economy, both directly and indirectly.