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Why Call Center Agent Engagement Matters

The numbers are in, and the truth is out: the British workforce is pretty underwhelmed these days. Only 55% of the British workforce have said they’re engaged and inspired while at work, with the other 45% identifying as ‘disengaged’ employees who aren’t reaching their full potential at work. For call centre managers, this disparity is a big cause for concern. 

Call centre managers who can’t discern an engaged agent from one who has their foot firmly out of the door are at a big disadvantage. Those leaders focusing on the task-based output of workers while ignoring agent engagement and their general well being will likely lose top agents to competitors, leading to additional costs recruiting and training new agents. Luckily, taking steps to monitor and improve call centre agent engagement is relatively straightforward. Read on to learn what engagement looks like and why every business should care. 

What does an engaged call centre agent look like?

Like any top-notch, dedicated employee, an engaged call centre agent is diligent, finds joy in their day to day tasks, always seeks to improve their skills, and understands the businesses goals and values. There are several key indicators to tell if your agents are engaged: 

  1. They’re motivated to excel in their work: Engaged contact centre staff are “present”, active participants in their daily work. While motivations may vary (career progression, rewards or benefits offered to them, furthering the companies profile, or happiness in their role), they show up to the office every day with great enthusiasm and give the sense that they want to be there.
  2.   They understand the big picture of the business: Agents who are focused and enthusiastic in their job are more likely to be those who understand the overarching goals of the business. 
  3. They always take ownership: Dedicated, satisfied employees tend to take ownership rather than pass the buck, remaining committed to improving themselves and growing their set of responsibilities. 

Why does call centre engagement matter?

There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that call centre agent engagement impacts your workplace culture as well as your budget. When you invest in agents and their overall engagement, you will see a significant correlation between agent engagement and higher performance, better customer satisfaction, and a positive working culture.

There are several reasons why managers should ensure their agents are engaged and feel valued by the business:

  1. Recruiting can be a costly process: When a call centre agent isn’t engaged, it normally results in the agent leaving the business. Recruiting can be costly, both in terms of time and money. Not to mention the deficit in knowledge that occurs when an agent leaves the business.
  2. Happier employees mean higher profits: Businesses with higher employee engagement are reported to be 21% more profitable. It is likely then that a business will see an impressive Return On Investment (ROI) if an investment is made in employee engagement and well being. Ultimately, investing in agent engagement is an investment in the business, which can have a long term positive impact.
  3. Happier agents could mean happier customers: If your call centre agents are happy, they’re more likely to nurture a positive customer experience, which in turn could boost return customers and reliable sales. The easiest way to ensure agents are happy is to give them the tools they need to tackle the most stressful parts of their jobs, such as a spike in call volume during peak periods. Boost engagement by showing your agents you support them by offering them tools that take the edge off these high-anxiety moments, like overflow handling services or call-backs. These ensure your agents don’t get overloaded during peak periods and can reduce stress and boost positive attitudes in the workplace.

Wrapping things up...

Employee engagement isn’t just a buzzword to throw around during interviews or conversations with employees; it’s a serious matter that can lead to monumental success or significant setbacks. Working closely with your team to develop an engagement programme that’s tailored to your business, is an invaluable tool for driving success.  

Throughout this guide, we have explored the importance of agent engagement and its impact on business. It is an easy conclusion to say that if a business keeps its agents engaged the business itself will reap the rewards. 

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