Why Out Source

Why Outsource Your Telemarketing

To BDM Talk?

Typically, there are three main drivers for the use of our outsourced contact centre services:

  • A need to increase the customer contact resource and increase the level of appointments or bookings without additional premises or headcount.
  • There is also a drive to reduce costs.
  • Finally, the recognition that it is more productive for the management to focus on the running of the business. Rather than dealing with day to day issues.

Why outsource your Telemarketing to BDM Talk?

Costs savings

Setting up your own lead generation centre with the right equipment, knowledge and people can be both expensive and time consuming.

When you choose to outsource your lead generation marketing to BDM Talk, you get the resource and capacity you need to grow your business. Therefore, you will not need to expand your office space, finance telephony and IT requirements or take on more staff.

Quality lead generation

We understand every outsourcing relationship is unique. Ultimately, it is driven by the individual people, principles, processes and brand that make up a business.


Over the years, we have worked with a variety of clients in varied sectors. Above all, we take immense pride in our continued ability to deliver an effective first-rate service to all our clients.


Our contact centre, based in West Sussex, boasts a diverse and sizeable team of experienced operatives, from a variety of backgrounds and expertise.

It's all about you

Our management team is always accessible and you will have direct access to your team of operatives for training, updates and campaign briefings as you wish. Furthermore, we encourage that you view our team as a natural extension of your business and work as closely (or distantly) with them as you wish.


We also work with you to minimise the direct impact on your business operations.