BDM Talk

BDM Talk - providing customer contact solutions around your business

We deliver outstanding customer contact services which allows our clients to get on with their core business activity.

Our focus is to deliver a comprehensive range of inbound and outbound customer services and support your sales and income generation initiatives. Benefit your business using our highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced agents.

We become a multi-media extension of any business and, most importantly, a part of their team.

Over 200

Satisfied clients


Years in industry

40 million

Inbound and outbound calls made

Why outsource your requirements to BDM Talk?


Managing your own Contact Centre can consume your time and your energy and might not be the most cost-effective use of your focus and your efforts. By outsourcing Contact Centres to BDM Talk, clients benefit from a tick-tock experience, reliability that ensures business processes are being followed day in, day out. Like a finely tuned F1 race team. BDM Talk delivers a consistency of performance, whatever the situation.

Cost Efficiency

We often see the cost of clients’ Contact Centres escalating. We know it can be difficult to find staff for in-house Contact Centres as we see clients investing more time and more money in recruitment. We see clients battling to retain their Contact Centre staff as workforces seem increasingly transient these days. We see clients increasing rates of pay, which may sometimes encourage the staff member to stay a short while. We understand these multiple and often complex challenges. By outsourcing Contact Centres to BDM Talk, our clients benefit from known costs, reliable staff and consistency in processes and operational disciplines without the constant time and energy drain of an in-house operation.


Contact centre operations are our business, we know the business, and we know it well. The key benefit to you of our experience is that we have developed the processes, KPI’s and training. All this experience, skill and tenacity is ready for applying to your business development. We are acutely aware that we trade-off of our results. Our performance warrants our existence and builds our reputation. Pushing and driving for results for your business is key to our development. With all of these influencing considerations, we drive for your results.


Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 7 to 13 February 2022

The 15th annual National Apprenticeship Week celebrates the value of apprenticeships to individuals, businesses and local communities. Taking part in the apprenticeship programme enables BDM Talk to build the team we need to meet our objectives, and create trained employees who can go on to help build our company.


A Business Process Outsourcing organisation is a multi-media extension of your business

A Business Process Outsourcing Company or BPO is not just a call centre, it works as an extension to a client’s business and more importantly as part of their team. A call centre is mainly focused on resolving customer queries and although it is a subset of a BPO company it usually involves only phone work. A BPO includes call centre services along with other outsourced back-office tasks ensuring a customer focus driving service.