BDM Talk is a team of highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced customer service agents

We invest into the right people to help build brand advocacy driving better outcomes for our clients. Customers want to speak to well-trained brand experts and be able to carry on their conversations and not have to start again each time they interact. They want to feel they are talking to the brand and not to an external partner.

Staff retention is vital, we build a positive moral around staff ensuring business and the client benefits from incremental skill development, which is as important as the bottom line.

"Everything we do for our clients has to be in terms of a partnership. Partnerships are based on trust on both sides. We very much believe in transparency in terms of expectations and deliverables. So, it is all about agreeing and planning for realistic timescales. We want to be working with our clients to achieve both their commercial goals.

I like to think what sets us apart from our competitors is the passion of our staff. Unlike a lot of contact centres, we have colleagues who have been with us and indeed their accounts for many years. We also have our boomerang babies – those people who go off to university or go travelling but come back to BDM. We actively encourage this as it produces more rounded, interesting and content team members. They miss the supportive nurturing atmosphere of BDM – we are a bit like a family. This has been very evident during the pandemic, with everyone supporting each other and their clients”.