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Getting Proactive with Your Aftersales

Industry statistics tell us that one or two dealers may be missing a trick, which could be costing them as much as 60% of their repeat business or customer retention, the American’s have a term for this … ‘Defector Prevention’. Despite sounding as though it should be something relating to an international border crossing, defector […]

How to Benchmark Your Customer Service

In our last article, we spoke of ‘Defector Prevention’. Essentially offering a level of customer service above our rivals, and how that better customer service could potentially see a 60% customer retention rate. But how do we know when we’re getting it right? Or more importantly, getting it wrong? Customer service is a continual process […]

Electric Cars

The Saviour of the Motor Industry? Despite what you may read in the press, the death of the motor car (or at least fossil-fuelled cars) hasn’t quite arrived just yet, although depending on who you talk to, the death knell may be sounding. Diesel in particular has been hit hardest – rises in VED, congestion […]

Car Finance Market on the Increase

Recent studies have shown that car financing is on the increase – around 80% of all new car sales are financed by one of the many options, but PCP is the option of choice – it’s estimated that 75% of all UK car sales have been financed with PCP. PCP financing could have a potential […]

The New WLTP Emissions

What does this mean for you? September 1st 2018 – the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) will be upon us, meaning greater transparency for the car buying consumer, which in turn could help to build trust in the automotive industry. That’s all great news for dealerships and groups alike. Except … if you’re […]