Meet The Team – Contact Centre Manager, Becca Crane

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Meet The Team

We asked Becca Crane, our newly appointed Manager Business Outsourcing a few questions to get to know her better

1. What was your career background before joining BDM?
Before joining BDM I had worked mainly in hospitality – so customer services has always been part of my working life.

2. Tell us about your journey in BDM Talk
Well – it’s quite interesting – I joined as a temp in September 2016 and transitioned to a permanent member of staff in November 2016 – in April 2017 wonder lust got me and I went to Australia for a year and then on to Asia – I always kept in touch with Sharon (our MD) and came back in September 2018 for 5 months before once again the lure of the Southern hemisphere drew me to New Zealand where I stayed until COVID struck – once again I returned to my work ‘home ‘ of BDM – having satisfied my desire to travel I committed myself to the business gaining promotion to Lead Agent stratus and more recently Manager Business Outsourcing running our Sytner account supporting the Mercedes-Benz North London Market Area for all things service booking. Sharon always refers to me literally as a boomerang baby!

3 How has BDM Talk changed during your time here?
Since 2016 the business has grown un terms of staff numbers and account numbers. Previously we were very much a campaign support business but now are almost exclusively a contract based business providing outsourced services for our clients.

4. What sets BDM Talk apart from its competitors?
Expertise in the field of Automotive support but most importantly an ethos of providing our clients with the support they need rather than one size fits all.

5. What is your biggest challenge in running your team
Motivation – a lot of what we do is repetitive so it is important to be able to add elements of challenge and interest for the team – and also fun! We wouldn’t be the business we are without our people and the amazing job they do

6. The contact centre is based in Burgess Hill, tell me something interesting/ you like about this location?.
I am a Burgess Hill girl – this is my home town ! The most exciting thing to have happened in Burgess Hill is that Holly Willoughby went to Burgess Hill school for girls !

7. What are your interests outside of BDM Talk and the automotive contact centre world?
I have just become a gym convert – although this is outside of my comfort zone – I love a quiz and have a team with my girlfriends who are in a quiz league on a Tuesday -the team name is ‘On Cloud Wine’ – so I guess you can tell I like socialising.

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