What will be the key focus for Call & Contact Centres in 2023?

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What will be the key focus for Call & Contact Centres in 2023 – Thoughts from our MD, Sharon Powell.

With 2023 upon us we asked our Managing Director, Sharon Powell to share her thoughts on what the new year will bring for Call & Contact Centres.

Following the success of last year BDM Talk’s focus for 2023 will be very much on using technology and staff development to enhance our Employee Experience (EX) and which will in turn elevate our Customer Experience (CX).


We are committed to investing in new AI and Smart technology to provide real time feedback and agent assistance to help relieve agent pain points during conversations – which in turn will provide agents with real time tools to assist with conversion rates by proving live objection handling options and advice.

Process Improvement

Having achieved ISO 9001 in Q4 we will continue to ensure our internal processes and procedures are as robust and follow the same quality input and output as the services we provide for our clients.

Brand extension

At BDM we have always stressed the importance of our agents being an extension of our client’s business, but they are much more than that, and we need to refer to them as Brand Guardians and work with our clients to ensure that are as much part of the Brand as our client’s own employees.


In 2023 we will be working with our clients to organise more on-site training sessions and visits for our agents so that they can fully immerse themselves in the Brand environment.

Employee development

We will continue to support and fund employee development and qualifications in customer service and management modules through the Apprentice service and CIPD – this development not only enhances our own workforce but also provides staff with tangible evidence of our commitment to their development.

Providing our staff with a fulfilling workplace experience will only pay dividends for the customer experience and will be central to every project and decision we make in 2023.

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