How the Automotive Industry can drive profit from Inbound Customer Contact

Inbound Customer Services


Inbound calls are by far the most powerful channel for generating additional revenue.

Opportunities to upsell to a higher service or purchase a service plan often arise when a customer makes contact to book a regular service or find out the location of a nearest branch.

Upselling can also increase overall customer satisfaction, by providing information about a more appropriate service a customer perception towards a company will become more positive if they feel their needs are being understood.

By putting the first point of contact in experienced hands you will increase the average transaction value or the amount a customer is willing to spend in a transaction.

Outsourcing your customer contact can be an excellent tool for generating income by appointing skilled and experienced agents specifically trained to get the most out of every call handled. Allowing you to concentrate on core business activity.

At BDM Talk we work with global automotive brands, to great success. We provide a complete service, handling all inbound and outbound calls for our clients drawing on years of experience in the automotive industry. Knowing the industry inside and out, we are well placed to drive up-selling opportunities.

BDM Talk is the trusted voice in customer contact. We regularly monitor and evaluate all forms of new customer contact technologies and practice. Ensuring we provide the best service for all of our clients, enabling your business to stay ahead of the competition.

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Inbound Customer Services

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