What is the future of customer contact for your business?

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The introduction of new customer contact technologies brings with it many challenges. There can often be a steep learning curves, additional costs to implement and precious time to train staff. However, most of these new technologies will help to serve customer-facing professionals more efficiently in the long run.

Here we will explore the latest technologies in customer contact, through video collaboration, live chat and chatbot, and how they could change day-to-day work, as well as the future of customer contact for your business.

Video Collaboration:

Firstly, let’s explore a technology that has swept the globe, mostly due to the pandemic, video has helped businesses flourish.

Face-to-face meetings are an incredibly powerful tool. Eye contact is well documented to improve relationships and facilitates trust and openness. Video conferencing is an effective way of building and maintaining client relationships. Businesses are embracing the proven technologies, such as MS Teams/Zoom/Google Meet-Up as a way of working in a more collaborative manner.

BDM Talk having embraced video collaboration with clients and internally. This has allowed us to continue operating throughout the pandemic to great success. It is our recommendation to every business that video collaboration technologies should be embraced with open arms, enabling you to carry out those all-important face-to-face meetings wherever you may be.

Live Chat:

For many customers, Live Chat can be seen as more convenient and less stressful than speaking with a customer service agent via telephone.

It brings higher functionality such as the ability to send documents and screen share which will give customers a greater chance of first point resolution.

However, it is important to point out that although Live Chat is a great addition for businesses, it does come with limitations such as being able to convey empathy. It is therefore important to train agents to use friendly, conversational expressions whilst acknowledging the Customer’s feelings


A Chatbot is a computer program that will simulate human conversation through voice commands, text chats, or both.

In the past chatbots were a nice gimmick without any concrete benefit, but today they are an indispensable tool for nearly any business. Of course, developing and running a chatbot can be a lot of work and requires financial investment. But there are many good reasons to choose a bot.

They give your company a face – For many users, chatbot software is the first touchpoint with a business, which can be much more personal than a conversation via mail or phone.

You are available immediately – In contrast to traditional customer service, a chatbot is available 24/7, supporting customers in the evenings and weekends.

Like any automated service they have their drawbacks which anyone considering this service should consider. Bots could be too mechanical at times. With pre-programmed conversations, they can handle customer requests when the flow of conversation follows a specific path. But they may not be able to handle when the conversation takes an unexpected turn. Thankfully, through technological advancement, it is now possible to create a personality for your chatbot. Meaning you can teach your bot to be empathetic based on certain messages.

How do you see the future of customer contact for your business?

BDM Talk is the trusted voice in customer contact. We regularly monitor and evaluate all forms of new customer contact technologies. Ensuring we provide the best advice and guidance to our clients, enabling them to stay ahead of their competitors.

Our flexible contact centre service can be tailored to your brand answering your unique combination of Live Chat, Social Media Messaging and Email handling alongside traditional methods to provide immediate responses and manage your enquiries.

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