How To Reduce Your Average Call Handling Time

Average Handle Time (AHT) is one of the most critical call centre metrics that measures the average duration of contact between an agent and a customer. It assesses the efficiency of a call centre to improve agents productivity and customer satisfaction. Maintaining a low AHT signifies good performance and hence boosts customer satisfaction.

Which regional accent do you trust?

Accents & Language

In a call centre environment, where the quality of a call hinges on the speaking and listening skills of the agent, voice and accent have an incredibly important role to play. Customers want the agent to be easy to understand, pleasant to speak with and demonstrating empathy. So, what role does accent really play in UK call centres?

Why Call Center Agent Engagement Matters

Employee engagement isn’t just a buzzword to throw around during interviews or conversations with employees; it’s a serious matter that can lead to monumental success or significant setbacks. Working closely with your team to develop an engagement programme that’s tailored to your business, is an invaluable tool for driving success.